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Joaquim Dos Santos

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Over 200 New Teachers Launched in Labor Market

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the course, the general director of the institution, Joaquim dos Santos Kalombe, said the finalists were trained in biological sciences, math-physics, Biology, English language, history and geography, among other ... View article source

Justice League Unlimited, “Flash And Substance” (season 3, episode 5 ...

These action sequences are dynamically choreographed by director Joaquim Dos Santos, who establishes the rogues as serious threats despite the campiness of their names, costumes, and gimmicks, and adding Batman and Orion to the mix turns up the ... View article source

Veja fotos de Seu Lunga, famoso pelo humor zangado

Joaquim dos Santos Rodrigues, o Seu Lunga, morreu na manhã de sábado, 22, em Barbalha, na região do Cariri. Aos 87 anos, o cearense estava internado havia três dias. Foto: Evilázio Bezerra/O POVO; Joaquim dos Santos Rodrigues, o Seu Lunga, ... View article source

Justice League Unlimited, “Shadow Of The Hawk” (originally aired 9/17/2005)

Dan Riba is the JLU director that excels with big, catastrophic superhero action whereas Joaquim Dos Santos is more skilled with choreographing kinetic hand-to-hand combat, but this episode sees Riba pushing himself to bring more specificity to his ... View article source